Every great dreams, begings with a dreamer

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Every great dreams, begings with a dreamer

About Us

Through our extensive experience in the time, we are a company specialized in integral equipment. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service with the latest generation quality standards for functional and comfortable equipment. From planning through the steps to the last detail to meet the needs of our customers.

To achieve these goals, we work with a team of professionals committed to their work and customer satisfaction. The strength of our team is due to the confidence in the skills of our professionals.

Our extensive experience in the development of large projects, tourist centers, offices…. Makes us a safe option with the best results.


Demand analysis

Urban view equipment is in charge of finding the products of quality and price more adapted to the demand of the client, making a study of competitiveness in parallel.

Project design

Our team will design any type of project or decoration always fulfilling the requirements and objectives of the client.

Negotiation and planning

We are committed to negotiate with the best manufacturers and producers of materials needed to achieve the project. We plan the project hand in hand with the client in order to establish clear lines and execution times.

Integral purchase management

Urban view Equipment is in charge of your orders, from negotiation to delivery.

Monitoring and coordination

We take our projects very seriously, so we never lose track and coordination with the different teams involved in it.


One of our strengths in the equipment is the decoration. Surrounded by a great team, we realize projects regarding preferences and needs of the client. Dedicated in body and soul pampered to the last detail.












Kitchens and doors

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Urban View Real Estate

Avda. Alfonso XIII.39
28002 Madrid

Tel +34 915 630515