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Our history of more than 15 years and the union of our diverse companies from different fields such as Investor Project development, Nasjo International, Bawar Investment or Al Amaleqa among others has resulted in a consolidated team of work with great experience, knowledge and enthusiasm. At present, Urban View Group takes the relay with more experience and strength and is the result of an important development both personally and professionally. All this consolidates us within the current market as a large company at national and international level.

Urban View Group is a private company in charge of business creation and project development. Our objective is the capture of potential investments, procurement of contracts and the internationalization of Spanish products in international markets. Our professional services are developed in three specific areas, characterized by the concept “turnkey”.

Urban View Real Estate
Urban View Equipment
Urban View Management

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Av. Alfonso XIII.39 28002 Madrid

Tel +34 915 630515

Urban View Real Estate

Avda. Alfonso XIII.39
28002 Madrid

Tel +34 915 630515