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Selling solutions, not promises

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Over the years, we have developed our knowledge thanks to the multitude and variety of projects carried out. Urban View Management’s mission is the management of resources and the leadership of a great team oriented to meet a goal in time and form. To do this we bring our knowledge, skills and the use of appropriate tools in order to achieve quality objectives and results.

Our thorough study of the projects and the analysis of the client’s objectives, lead the way. Our long trayectory and experience ranges from business start-up, asset purchase management to the internationalization of companies in countries, mainly in the Persian Gulf.

Large national companies like Elecnor, Taimeweser and Yet ready aviation count among some of our numerous works in which we have collaborated to implant these companies outside of our country. The Alvic Group, coot architects … among others, have been part of our projects in which we have been present to take their products outside our borders.

Internationally, some Arab investment funds, from the Persian Gulf have had our advice, of which we are very proud.

For all this, Urban View Management is positioned as a great company within this sector.



We carry out a detailed and specific planning of the project and the objectives to be fulfilled by the client. In Urban View management we think that good planning gives good results.

Market sudy and economic viability

We are in charge of carrying out the pertinent studies to see the possibilities and to optimize in the managements. We also analyze the economic viability of the projects and anticipate the results.


Urban View Management is the link between the parties, we facilitate the negotiation between the client and the factory in order to obtain the best option.

Integral management of projects

In this work in which we are experts we will be in charge of managing the projects in full. We take care of the design of the project, the contracting, the control, we carry out the pertinent studies and the delivery of the project in hand.


We commercialize diverse products both nationally and internationally. Due to our experience of expansion we have had a great success in the commercialization outside Spain.

Starting a business

Each business or project needs a certain process from the beginning to the end, and we take care of it completely, from the permits, licenses and installation to the personnel and contracts necessary to start the business.

Logistical support

We support in different places of the world, where they want to reach the companies that we advise and for that we facilitate the work and the managements in the place of destination.




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Material City

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