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About Us

Throughout the years and with the support of Investor, Urban view Real Estate has developed as an investment advice and services to clients at national and international level. We are the union of professionals with extensive experience and commercial, legal and technical training in urban management, who come together to offer new solutions to the current real estate market.

Our international vocation has led us to an important process of expansion. Projects like Andalucía Hills, in Ávila, are part of our outstanding trajectory. This project of more than 5 million m2 managed from the beginning has been the center of our activity. The purchase of buildings and luxury mansions for foreign investors in Spain is another of our most outstanding activities.

Currently, we collaborate with important financial institutions; lawyers specialized in the urban sector, architects and engineers in order to provide an integral service to the client.


Real Estate Advice

  • Analysis of opportunities
  • Management of documentation and analysis of information
  • Technical and legal advice
  • Selection for the optimal vehicle for the investment
  • Urban planning inquiry.

Asset Searches And Market Study

  • Price and income reviews.
  • Market research
  • Economic analysis and forecasts

Integral Project Management

  • Organization and coordination of all parties.
  • Management of documentation
  • Technical property advice for the definition of project requirements.
  • Licensing and Permits Management
  • Project management, and investment planning
  • Contracting management
  • Construction management and control.


Urban view does a legal and urbanistic research of the asset to assure the viability of the projects raised by the client.

Marketing, promotion and sale

Urban view has an extensive network of partners that make possible for any asset to be sold to any client.

Other services

Among other services we offer, is the advice of architects, surveyors, simple notes, insurance and management in notaries among others.







Property development



Houses / Offices / Buildings / Chalets


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Urban View Real Estate

Avda. Alfonso XIII.39
28002 Madrid

Tel +34 915 630515